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Hello! We’re Larry and Rand, brothers and owners/operators of Riptide Pool Care. We’re professional CPOs certified by the NSPF® (National Swimming Pool Foundation), and have been providing excellent service in the Las Vegas pool & spa industry for 10 years now—so if you’re seeking an experienced, dependable, quality pool & spa service, look no further!

A Lifetime of Experience…

Aside from a decade of hands-on experience in the Las Vegas pool & spa industry, we are originally from the midwest, and therefore have also accrued extensive backgrounds in manufacturing—including machine design & assembly—and, over the years working together, we’ve also garnered considerable experience in property maintenance and renovation—all of which lends itself nicely to the care, maintenance, diagnostics, repair, and new equipment installation in pool & spa systems.

Our Philosophy:

On the outset, we decided we wanted to offer the best pool & spa service in Las Vegas; so along with obtaining NSPF® certification, we are determined to do a complete servicing of your pool, every time. Perhaps we’re “old school” in that aspect: we believe in doing our job, and doing it right, every time.

And in the process of providing comprehensive cleaning of your pool & spa every week, we also document the system pressure and closely monitor all of the equipment, performing routine maintenance along the way in order to extend the life of your equipment, and with the intent of catching any repair issues early, before they become critical and more expensive to remediate.

Because in the long run, it’s much easier and less expensive to properly maintain your pool and equipment consistently over time, than to let the seemingly minor issues go until they grow into major issues. The reality is, your pool & spa system is actually a self-contained ecosystem, and if not properly maintained—comprehensively, encompassing all of its various dynamic and interrelated elements—it can eventually reach a point of total collapse, and by then it’s very time- and labor-intensive (and can also be very expensive), to recover.

So we believe it is in your best interest for us to do the job consistently right on a weekly basis, and take care of any maintenance and/or repairs in a timely manner, thus saving you time, money, and headaches—so that you can simply relax, and enjoy a Riptide pool!

Areas We Serve:

We are presently serving the North, West, Southwest, South, and Southeast Las Vegas areas, including Centennial Hills, Summerlin, Spring Valley, Spanish Trail, Rhodes Ranch, Mountain’s Edge, Silverado Ranch, Green Valley, and Henderson, and are currently accepting new clients in these areas.

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Please don’t hesitate to contact Riptide Pool Care for any & all of your Las Vegas pool & spa needs! You’ll be glad you did!

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